Literary Wednesdays is a program developed to advance Brazilian Literature in New York, by inviting artists and intellectuals of paramount quality to present their work following with an open discussion with the public. The program is our longest running feature e presented over the course of the years lectures, readings and conferences about various themes and authors in Portuguese language.

In the debates that follow each presentation, the guest speaker, the curator and the audience can interact and exchange ideas.

Our audience is composed of invitees, students, academics and members of the community with an interest in Brazilian literature.

Literary Wednesdays is a program to promote literature the last Wednesday of every month. Entrance to these events is free of charge.

Past writers include:

Cristiane Bouger (Bouger Art Studio), Stephen Bocskay (Harvard University), Cássia Maia (Cássia Maia Fine Art on Silk),  Yara Maura Silva (Maurício de Sousa Produções),

Beti Rozen (Sem Fronteiras Press),  and Diana Menasché, among others.


Brazilian born Liza Renia Papi moved to New York as an international correspondent for major Brazilian magazines, Bloch editors and Abril publishers. Papi holds and MFA from CUNY and also studied contemporary dance with Ivy Epstein at Dance June Lewis & Company. She lectured on Popular Culture and taught courses at El Museo del Barrio, the Queens Museum of Art and the Solomon Guggenheim Museum. Papi works for LeAp (Learning through an Expanded Arts program)  and teaches Art Appreciation as an Adjunct Associate Professor at St. John’s University since 2002.

Papi’s style is contemporary focusing on installation and mixed-media painting. She is part of the traveling exhibition “Artists Archive: The Alternet”, curated by Carla Rae Johnson. In addition, she is a published author at Rizzoli International Editors and at LEAPublishers. Her next book, Understanding What We are Seeing, will be released by Cognella Publishers in the end of 2015. Papi’s last curatorial exhibition was the Oral Tradition Symposium, in November 2013. She also curated Cordel Literature, in November 2012 and Between Light and Shadow, in 2011, for the Brazilian Endowment for the Arts. Her previous work includes curating African Influences on Contemporary Altars in the Americas, in 2008, at Geoffrey Yet Art Gallery with a related lecture at the VI International of Ritual and Representation in Havana, Cuba, February 2009.




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Literary Wednesdays always take place at BEA on the last Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm.

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